EIA markets auto and homeowners’ insurance in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  EIA has acted as an agent of Plymouth Rock Assurance since EIA was founded in 1997. Plymouth Rock, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, together with its affiliated companies, writes and manages over $1 billion in auto and homeowners insurance throughout the Northeast.  EIA also works with Plymouth Rock’s subsidiaries, including Bunker Hill homeowners’ products and Mt. Washington Auto Insurance in New Hampshire.

Why Plymouth Rock?

EIA is proud to work with Plymouth Rock Assurance, a leading New England auto insurer known for its exceptional value, ease and service.  As a Plymouth Rock customer, you’ll receive more than just insurance.  You’ll also get:

  • Mileage-based rating that offers lower rates if you drive fewer miles annually than the average for drivers in your area.
  • 5-10% discount on auto insurance through EIA for current, dues-paying members of participating non-profit organizations;
  • Discounts for homeowner, condominium, or renter policies when combined with auto policies; and
  • Options for paperless policy delivery, electronic billing and online payment.

How does the mileage-based rating work?

Plymouth Rock is the first automobile insurer in Massachusetts to reward new and renewing policyholders with lower rates for driving fewer relative miles. For Massachusetts customers, the rewards are determined by comparing individual vehicle mileage records collected by the state Registry of Motor Vehicles during inspections with the average mileage for drivers in the type of geographic area in which they live (rural, suburban, inner suburban or urban). Customers who keep their mileage low can really see the savings add up!  The mileage-based rating is not currently available for New Hampshire customers.