EIA Partners Announce New Study to Reward Drivers for Driving Less

EIA’s parent organization CLF Ventures has long advocated for market-based approaches to encourage people to drive less as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and traffic congestion. Now, in conjunction with Massachusetts Car-Free Week, CLF Ventures  announces a new pilot study that they will be conducting in 2014.

Funded by a $2.1 million Federal Highway Administration Value Pricing Program grant administered by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, and with an in-kind contribution from Plymouth Rock Assurance, the three-year study will explore how rewarding people for driving less affects their driving behavior.

“Our customers have come to expect more than just typical insurance from Plymouth Rock,” said Chris Olie, president of Plymouth Rock. “Collaborating with CLF on this program to offer thousands of our customers the opportunity to earn rewards for themselves, and help the environment and their fellow drivers, is just another example of that commitment. As an innovator in the insurance field, we’re excited to contribute to the creation of a publicly available body of data that can help stimulate voluntary, market-based programs that can benefit both consumers and the environment.”

Approximately 3,000 Plymouth Rock auto insurance policyholders in 164 Massachusetts communities will be randomly selected to participate in the program, which will begin in 2014. EIA policyholders may be selected as potential pilot participants on a randomized basis along with all PRAC policyholders in the pilot service area. Potential participants can accept or decline the invitation to participate; they cannot “volunteer” to join. Participants will retain their existing coverage and premiums, but can earn per-mile rewards paid by the FHWA grant for reducing mileage over the course of the study.

We are excited to see this study move forward. Stay tuned for more updates.

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