EIA is a unique insurance agency because it helps support the Conservation Law Foundation.  Since 1966, CLF has worked to solve the most significant environmental problems that threaten New England.

EIA Helps Support CLF’s Success

Here are some of the projects and initiatives supported through the sale of EIA policies:

  • Advocating for A New Auto Insurance Model: In conjunction with EIA, CLF commissioned a groundbreaking study that found a significant correlation between miles driven and risk, laying the groundwork for adoption of alternative auto insurance pricing models based on mileage. Overall, the study confirms the actuarial soundness of Pay-As-You-Drive auto insurance pricing and indicates that the PAYD approach would significantly reduce miles driven, auto accident losses, insurance costs, and greenhouse gas emissions, creating a win-win-win situation for insurers, consumers and the environment.
  • Modernizing Transportation: CLF seeks legislative support and funding sources for accessible, modern transportation systems that provide affordable alternatives to driving, especially in underserved communities. CLF works with states to inject smarter, climate-friendly, socially just project selection criteria into their transportation planning processes and actively promote real public participation in transportation decision making. CLF also advocates for aggressive investment in rail and public transit on the municipal, state, regional, and national level.
  • Building Healthy Communities: CLF’s Healthy Communities program works to ensure that New England’s communities, both urban and rural, are thriving, healthy places for all people. Healthy communities have clean air and water, safe and accessible transportation choices, affordable housing, and access to recreation, fresh food, and green spaces.
  • Promoting Clean Energy and Combating Climate Change: CLF finds innovative ways to mitigate climate change by reducing our region’s dependence on fossil fuels. These include promoting renewable energy development, advocating for energy efficiency and smart growth, working to responsibly shut down coal plants in New England, and assisting policy makers with climate change and clean vehicle legislation.
  • Reducing Power Plant Pollution: CLF helped develop and is now helping to implement the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) “cap and trade” emissions auction. This 10 state regional compact will reduce carbon dioxide pollution from power plants 10 percent below 1990 levels by 2019.