About Us

Fifteen years ago, CLF Ventures (the consulting arm of the Conservation Law Foundation) identified a market for an alternative auto insurance that rewards people for driving fewer miles. Today, EIA markets auto and homeowners’ insurance in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and collaborates with leading environmental non-profit organizations to offer their members discounts on these unique products.  EIA is also leading efforts to bring mileage-based insurance to all of New England and working to establish a national green auto insurance certification program with a coalition of leading environmental and consumer groups.

What is Mileage-Based Insurance?

Mileage-based insurance (also known as Pay-As-You-Drive, Distance-Based, Usage-Based and Per-Mile) means that vehicle insurance premiums are directly based on the number of miles a vehicle is driven during a given period.  Studies show that if auto insurance were priced by the mile, drivers would reduce their mileage by 5-10%, which would significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and traffic congestion.

Note:  EIA does not currently offer a 100% mileage-based product. However, auto insurance purchased through EIA does incorporate mileage as a rating factor, enabling drivers to reduce their costs by driving fewer miles.

Why Should I Choose EIA?

  1. Quality: EIA provides competitive prices and great service through Plymouth Rock Assurance, a Boston-based insurance carrier with one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.
  2. Impact:  As a social enterprise owned by a non-profit, EIA is a mission-driven business. EIA’s commissions help fund CLF’s advocacy efforts across New England. No other insurance agency provides you with this opportunity to save and make a real impact for the environment.
  3. Savings: EIA’s insurance partner – Plymouth Rock Assurance – rewards policyholders with lower rates for driving fewer relative miles than the annual average in their community. Moreover, EIA offers 5-10% discounts for being an active member of select non-profit organizations (see list below). Additional discounts are available for combining auto and homeowners policies.

How Can I Save More With EIA?

Several organizations collaborate with EIA and offer EIA as a membership benefit to their supporters. Active members of the following affiliate groups get additional discounts on auto insurance products through EIA:

  • A Better City Transportation Management Association (ABC TMA): ABC TMA is an independent nonprofit organization made up of employers, retailers, business owners, public-sector representatives and others working together to address employee transportation issues and improve air quality and traffic in the downtown and Back Bay areas of Boston.
  • Appalachian Mountain Club: Since 1876, AMC has promoted the protection, enjoyment, and understanding of the mountains, forests, waters, and trails of the Appalachian region. AMC is the nation’s oldest outdoor recreation and conservation organization.
  • Conservation Law Foundation: Conservation Law Foundation is the oldest regional environmental advocacy organization in the nation.  Since 1966, CLF’s tenacious advocacy staff has worked to solve the most significant environmental problems that threaten New England. CLF’s advocates use law, economics and science to create innovative strategies to conserve natural resources, protect public health and promote vital communities in our region.
  • Mass Audubon:  Mass Audubon works to protect the nature of Massachusetts for people and wildlife. Together with more than 100,000 members, Mass Audubon cares for 34,000 acres of conservation land, provides educational programs for 225,000 children and adults annually, and advocates for sound environmental policies at local, state, and federal levels. Mass Audubon’s mission and actions have expanded since their beginning in 1896 when their founders set out to stop the slaughter of birds for use on women’s fashions. Today they are the largest conservation organization in New England. Mass Audubon’s statewide network of wildlife sanctuaries, in 90 Massachusetts communities, welcomes visitors of all ages and serves as the base for their work.
  • Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition: The Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition (MassBike) promotes a bicycle-friendly environment and encourages bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation.